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Advanced planning

For your timing and schedule it is important to understand that Dinner in the Sky is a unique concept and therefore planning of such an event needs considerable lead time, involving search for suitable location as well as related logistics.

Due to the exclusivity of our concept and safety standards necessary, we need carefully to evaluate each inquiry and would therefore need to know further details about your event planned.

Type of events

Despite its name, Dinner in the Sky is not limited to only dinners. Typical events are for example:

 Opening celebration
 Product launch
 Road show

 Press conference
 Press release
 Live TV/radio broadcast
 Talk show

 Corporate event
 Business meeting
 Business function
 Charity fundraiser

 Dinner, lunch, possibly breakfast with business partners
 Meeting with clients
 VIP treatment for guests

 Birthday party
 Engagement announcement
 Wedding celebration
 Anniversary dinner
 Christmas party
 New Year's eve dinner

 Formula 1 Grand Prix
 Golf tournament
 Fashion show

The overall concept such as venue, location set up, catering, entertainment, technical requirements, decoration or branding can be customized according to the client's wishes.


Dinner in the Sky can be held at any site accessible to both crane and truck with trailer that provides minimum 30 x 15 meters space which can be secured for such an exclusive event.

It is possible to relocate the crane and platform if required for mobile use at an event, but all additional relocation and setup costs to be incurred by the client.

The selection of a location is very important and shall always be appropriated for a safe running of the event. Following criteria, but not limited to, are considered as important:

 The area should be as level as possible.
 The underground shall not contain any cavities and/or has been used
for waste deposit or land fill purposes in the past.
 Exclude areas with overhead power lines, even if they do not interfere with the maximum lifting height of the crane boom.
 Exclude areas with EMC interference.
 The area should be well drained (in case of heavy rainfall).
 The size of the area shall be adequate for running the event and shall cater for a large enough exclusion zone.
 The complete area shall be fenced off to the public by any means that
prevent the public from entering the event area unnoticed.
 A clear access and egress to and from the area is important and shall be
displayed for high visibility:
For a multiple number of vehicles involved with the set up and running of the event and without interfering with the exclusion zone
For emergency vehicles (like fire department vehicles, ambulances), in case of an emergency evacuation

Event area exclusion zone

This is the fenced off area that shall stay free from any employee or participant during the lift and descend of the platform. A waiting area for participants and ingress/egress route to and from the platform for employees and participants shall clearly be marked. This area is also prohibited for any vehicle movement or parking at any time.

The size of the excluding area depends on:

 The maximum projected boom angle during the event
 The expected maximum lifting height of the platform during the event
 Any projected (controlled) movements in a rotary way of the boom during the event

Permits & authorizations

It is the customer's responsibility to obtain all necessary permits and authorizations to stage an Event in the Sky at the respective location.


Catering is not provided by Events in the Sky, giving you the freedom to select a preferred caterer or style, depending on budget, taste and the scope of event.

Can the caterer use open fire?
With open fire not allowed due to fire & safety regulations, the only heat source permitted for cooking purposes on the platform are induction stoves. However as an option the caterer can prepare meal courses prior to a flight on ground.

What kind of food can be served at an Event in the Sky?
As long as the food can be served according to permissible kitchen equipment, the menu is entirely up to the client. At Events in the Sky, the menu is tailored to your specific requirements. Our clients have been serving from cocktails and snacks to five-course menus... the sky is the limit!

Seating arrangements

A maximum of 22 guests can be seated around the table at any one time, but larger groups can be accommodated by dividing an event day into several lifting sessions, enable more than 350 people to access this exceptional platform.

Platform center work area

The table sessions operate with maximum four client personnel in the platform centre work area (e.g. chef, bar tender, entertainer, speaker, etc).

How many sessions can you organize during 8 hours?

Normal Dinner in the Sky sessions last for about 1-1½ hours, allowing up to 6 sessions during 8 hours. However, shorter, half-hour sessions can also be arranged for simple tastings or cocktails, as well as longer sessions of two hours or more (duration can be altered according to customer's requirements).

Minimum age

Dinner in the Sky is not age but height related since we need to be able to secure everyone safely in their seats. Minimum height is therefore 150 cm.


The event organizer should ensure toilet facilities in the vicinity of the event's venue.

In just under a minute, Dinner in the Sky can be lowered to the ground for quick and easy access to restrooms if provided. Breaks for this purpose can be planned during any Event in the Sky.


Events in the Sky offers as extra options to set up a non-transparent roof to give shadow and/or to install AC-Fans or Misting Fans (to be pre-arranged with 63 amp access at the event's location, and a 60 meter long 63 amp power cable, as well as a switch box that can hold 8 x 220 V 16 amp to power up the cooling system to be available).


Events in the Sky offers an infra-red heating system as an extra option (to be pre-arranged with 63 amp access at the event's location, and a 60 meter long 63 amp power cable, as well as a switch box that can hold 8 x 220 V 16 amp to power up the heating system to be available).


An Event in the Sky can be affected by adverse weather conditions and subject to limitations, particularly strong winds. For safety reasons Dinner in the Sky will only be operated when weather permits. An Event in the Sky can be cancelled due to dangerous and inclement weather, with the safety supervisor's decision on the event day to be final.

Events in the Sky offers the possibility to adjourn the event up to 72 hours before the confirmed event date, in case that the conditions might be too bad to operate Dinner in the Sky on the desired date. It is the responsibility of the client to check the weather conditions, otherwise events scheduled will go ahead as planned.

Events in the Sky (Asia) Limited and its subsidiaries shall not be liable to the client if it has to cancel or foreshorten an event due to inclement weather.


Dinner in the Sky is designed according to German norm DIN 4112, flying structures - guidelines for the calculation and execution, with all drawings, calculations and simulations tested by TÜV Rheinland.


While Events in the Sky operates Dinner in the Sky with appropriate insurance cover, we advise our clients to take out an event insurance as extra precaution.

For US customers:
Especially for our US customers we have an extra US$ 10 million liability insurance policy in place which can be used for US$ 5.500/event day.

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